Walter Koenig Had His One Request Ripped Away From Him In Star Trek: Generations

The best way the theatrical lower of “Generations” ran was that Kirk was situated in a fore part of the Enterprise-B repairing an important system throughout a disaster. The Nexus exterior was damaging the ship and the Enterprise had hassle breaking free from its gravitational pull. Simply because the Enterprise was escaping, the ribbon zapped the ship, blew a gap within the hull, and bodily eliminated Kirk. Scotty and Captain John Harriman (Alan Ruck) rushed to the part the place Kirk was situated to ensure he was okay, solely to be greeted by a large gap within the wall, staring out into house. Checkov then ran in to hitch them. “My God!” Chekov stated. “Was anybody in right here?” Scotty, figuring out Kirk was gone, gravely replied “Aye.” The motion then virtually instantly light to the 12 months 2371. 

Koenig felt that he and Scotty ought to be allowed not less than a quick scene the place they might categorical a second of mourning. He did not even recall the ultimate scene as a result of, properly, there wasn’t a scene. He stated: 

“I wished the second. When Kirk will get blown out of the ship at first of the movie, there’s a second whenever you return and take a look at it, the place Jimmy and I stand collectively, and we are saying one thing on the order of … I do not know what we are saying, [but] we are saying one thing. And the explanation I do not know what we stated is that we did not say what I had written.” 

It appears that evidently Koenig had really penned a quick second the place he and Scotty bought to lastly speak a bit of bout about how they felt, and Koenig was wanting to play the scene due to a private tragedy he had just lately skilled.

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