The Strolling Lifeless Daryl Dixon’s Laurent Twist Raises a Massive Query Concerning the Zombie Virus

Along with its most important plot, this (weirdly lengthy) installment sometimes flashes again to Isabelle’s (Clémence Poésy) life earlier than the zombie apocalypse and unveils why Laurent’s survival is of specific significance to her. It seems that not solely is Laurent the son of Isabelle’s sister Lily (Faustine Koziel), however Lily truly gave beginning to Laurent after she had died from a walker chew and had already reanimated. Laurent is a bit of zombie boy!

Zombie guidelines diehards would possibly understand the implications of this. Do not forget that aforementioned instance of Joel in Ellie in The Final of Us? Effectively, the rationale why Joel was tasked with shepherding Ellie within the first place was as a result of her uncommon origin. Like Laurent, Ellie too was born to a mom who had biologically died and have become one other harmful entity. In The Final of Us‘s canon, the cordyceps fungus inhabits human beings’ our bodies and turns them into the monstrous Contaminated – not completely not like the zombies in The Strolling Lifeless and in different undead tales.

Being born beneath such distinctive circumstances rendered Ellie proof against the cordyceps an infection. The deep thinkers and scientists of The Final of Us‘s world theorized that they might harness the facility of that immunity by cracking into Ellie’s mind. We by no means get the prospect to see in the event that they’re proper as Joel objects fairly strongly to this complete “lethal experimental process on a baby” plan.

Nonetheless, Ellie’s immunity may be very a lot actual in The Final of Us. Is it attainable that Laurent enjoys that very same immunity and with it a possible zombie virus treatment? The strongest proof in opposition to this risk is that the “zombie virus” operates very in a different way (and much much less scientifically) in The Strolling Lifeless than it does in The Final of Us. Although zombie bites do result in a fast an infection and a swift loss of life in The Strolling Lifeless, a zombie chew isn’t a prerequisite for changing into a reanimated corpse. As Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and firm uncover in season 1, anybody who dies for any purpose will nonetheless come again as a walker. Briefly, they’re all contaminated. That means that the circumstances that led to the apocalypse could also be supernatural in origin and makes it much less possible that Laurent’s uncommon beginning could be of a lot use to fight it.

In its latter years, nevertheless, The Strolling Lifeless TV franchise has damaged away from its comedian origins by being much less of a stickler about investigating the character of the zombie virus. Each the flagship sequence and spinoffs like Worry the Strolling Lifeless and The Strolling Lifeless: World Past have included researchers extensively finding out the undead. The conclusion of the latter sequence even includes a dialog between French scientists and our outdated CDC pal Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich) suggesting that that they had made essential progress in finding out the “virus” and its “variant cohorts.”

In the end, we suspect that The Strolling Lifeless: Daryl Dixon gained’t go the route of getting Laurent probably being the “treatment” each as a result of it’s been carried out earlier than and since it additionally complicates the plans for the 38,103 spinoffs to come back. That doesn’t imply, nevertheless, that Laurent can’t be an essential – and even messianic – determine in The Strolling Lifeless universe.

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