The Star Trek Tales That Introduced Captain Kirk Again to Life to Combat the Borg

The second Shatnerverse novel, The Return, captures the egomaniacal glory of the sequence. In contrast to the primary Shatnerverse entry Ashes of Eden, which follows a late Kirk journey that put him in opposition to Starfleet, The Return picks up shortly after the occasions of Generations

From the ravages of Veridian III, Kirk comes again to life through the machinations of his biggest enemies, the Romulan Star Empire. The Romulans brainwash the returned Kirk and set him not simply in opposition to Starfleet, however particularly in opposition to Jean-Luc Picard. Why Picard, you ask? For the sake of the Romulans’ new allies, the Borg Collective. 

That audacious mixture apart — one which presents the often artful Romulans as buffoons simply hoodwinked by the Borg, a race not likely identified for his or her strategic acumen — The Return has some enjoyable conceits. The journey takes the heroes throughout the galaxy, together with a layover on Deep House 9 with appearances by Dr. Bashir and Quark. Surprisingly, Sisko doesn’t drop by, regardless of the person having met Kirk and holding robust opinions concerning the Borg. Spock’s mind-meld with V’Ger in The Movement Image performs a shocking position within the story, and Bashir groups up with McCoy for a surgical process. 

However actually, The Return exists to ensure everybody is aware of that Jim Kirk is the best Starfleet officer who ever Starfleeted. Whereas nonetheless within the thrall of the Borg and Romulans, Kirk takes out almost each member of the Enterprise-D bridge crew, punking Knowledge and Geordi and outfoxing Riker. Extra importantly, Kirk makes use of Picard’s data as Locutus to seek out the central Borg hub and, principally, flip the “off” change, doing what Picard couldn’t — a minimum of, till Picard season two. 

Indulgent as that story definitely is, it unfolds at a ripping, well-written tempo. The truth is, that trait holds throughout all the Shatnerverse novels, in phrases each good and dangerous. Ashes of Eden places Kirk and Scotty on a brand new ship to defend a planet from Starfleet interference, almost pitting these two venerable officers in opposition to their outdated shipmates. Sequel Avenger finds Kirk and Spock teaming as much as avenge the loss of life of Spock’s father Sarek (Sybok and Michael Burnham couldn’t be bothered, apparently). 

Within the three-part Mirror Universe saga of the Shatnerverse, Kirk and Picard group up and go to the Mirror Universe to battle with the ruler of the Terran Empire, Emperor Tiberius — Kirk’s personal evil counterpart, who has survived into the Twenty fourth century. The ultimate three novels within the sequence insert Kirk into main Twenty fourth-century occasions, together with the fallout of the Dominion Warfare and the assassination of Kirk following the assault on the Romulan Senate after Star Trek: Nemesis. Alongside the best way, Kirk interacts with nearly each member of the TNG, DS9, and Voyager crews, whereas reuniting along with his outdated buddies alongside the best way. 

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