The Borg Have been The Greatest Star Trek Villains – Till They Weren’t

The Borg had been so terrifying in “Q Who” that the writers of “Star Trek: The Subsequent Era” must convey them again finally. “Q Who” ended with the implication that the Borg, whereas 1000’s of lightyears away, had been going to be touring to get the Enterprise and full its job of assimilation. The specter of the Borg hung over the sequence for some time. Then, on the finish of the present’s third season, audiences had been handled to “The Better of Each Worlds” (June 18 and September 24, 1990), maybe the present’s most well-known installment. Within the cliffhanger two-part episode, Picard was kidnapped and assimilated by the Borg. His data was siphoned out of his mind, and the Borg used it to assault Earth. Captain Riker (Jonathan Frakes) underwent a profession disaster because of this, having to take command of the Enterprise. 1000’s of lives had been misplaced earlier than Picard could possibly be rescued and the Borg stopped.

After that, it appeared just like the present was achieved with the Borg. The unstoppable menace had been stopped, however many died and Picard was without end traumatized. Within the present’s following episode, “Household,” Picard admitted to his brother that the Borg harm him extra deeply than anybody can think about. Picard broke down, one thing he hardly ever did. It appears that evidently the trauma lingered.

However the writers could not steer clear of the Borg, and in some ways, it has been downhill ever since. With each new reappearance of the famed “Star Trek” villains got here a twist of their ethos, an alteration or growth of what was identified earlier than. And every new twist made the Borg much less threatening.

Sure, I’m an previous Trekkie shaking his fist at a cloud, however one may argue that the Borg had been by no means extra threatening than they had been 33 years in the past.

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