Though it was the face of the nice Armin Shimerman within the unique Reward Field from “Haven,” not even he may redeem the inherently ridiculous communication gadget. The field arrived on the Enterprise to announce to Deanna Troi the approaching arrival of her mom Lwaxana, a personality who shortly grew to become synonymous with ostentatious accoutrements.

Even worse, the Chula recreation arrived in Deep Area 9 through a few of the worst-looking aliens in Star Trek historical past (which is absolutely saying one thing), the Wadi of the Gamma Quadrant. After spending time on the Dabo tables with Quark (Shimerman, efficiently redeeming an irritating species), the Wadi invite the Ferengi to play their recreation, Chula. By agreeing to play Chula, Quark inadvertently traps a number of members of the DS9 crew within the recreation, forcing the in any other case regal Sisko to play hopscotch and to sing “Allamaraine, rely to 4.”

Nobody would blame “Within the Cradle of Vexilon” author Ben Waller or director Brandon Williams for merely making a figuring out joke and transferring on. As a substitute, they combine the objects into the plot, as Mariner, Tendi, and Rutherford resolve that Dirk gave them the isolinear chip as a hazing ritual and plot their revenge. They arrange a entice that may ship Dirk into the Chula recreation together with the Reward Field, forcing him to study the sport’s inane guidelines whereas listening to the Reward Field bellow nonsense.

Though the trio abandon their plan earlier than unleashing it on Dirk, the episode makes its level. Even essentially the most embarrassing components of Star Trek‘s finest exhibits deserve recognition. This doesn’t imply that these embarrassing points must be someway praised as vital items of canon (in any case, this isn’t Star Wars). However they are often reintegrated into later sequence for various functions than initially meant, akin to a torture gadget in a vengeful prank. Allamaraine!

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