Physician Who’s Gold Tooth Thriller: Whose Hand Was That and What Does It All Imply for Sequence 14?

“There’s solely participant I dared not face,” he says with menace. “The one who waits.” However when the Physician presses him for extra info, the Toymaker solely responds, “That’s another person’s sport.” The road appears to echo Beep the Meep’s personal sinister warning in regards to the impending arrival of his “boss,” who the Physician will presumably meet in collection 14. Gatwa’s Fifteenth Physician should take care of the one who waits, the determine so scary that even the Toymaker needed to run and conceal from it.

Now, this One Who Waits might definitely be a brand new character designed by returning showrunner Russell T Davies. Quite a lot of fascinating characters debuted throughout Davies’s first tenure on the collection, together with the Ood and the Beast from “The Inconceivable Planet/The Devil Pit,” the invisible creatures from “Midnight,” the Weeping Angels from “Blink,” and… uh, the Slitheen.

Nevertheless, as demonstrated by his resolution to carry again the unhealthy man from a principally misplaced First Physician (William Hartnell) journey for “The Giggle,” Davies additionally likes to revive a forgotten unhealthy man. One fascinating risk could be the Battle Chief, a Gallifreyan totalitarian launched within the second Physician’s final journey, “The Battle Video games.” The shrewd chief of the Battle Lords, the Battle Chief has appeared in non-canonical books, however has not been again on TV because the late ’60s. And since his introduction, the Battle Chief has been linked to the Grasp. In reality, it’s lengthy been debated whether or not the Battle Chief is definitely a regeneration of the Physician’s biggest rival, so it might make a little bit of sense that he’d be keen on releasing the Grasp as a part of a brand new plan to take down the Physician.

The return of Melanie Bush (Bonnie Langford) might additionally level to a villain from the Sixth Physician’s (Colin Baker) time, specifically the 1986 serial “The Mysterious Planet.” From his first look, the Sixth Physician struggled with darker, extra cowardly instincts. In “The Mysterious Planet,” viewers study that these instincts manifest within the type of the Valeyard, a devious determine who represents the Physician’s darkish aspect. Based on the Grasp, the Valeyard springs from “someplace between [the Doctor’s] twelfth and last incarnation.” Thus, because the Physician hurled towards his later incarnations in NuWho, the Valeyard’s return was a preferred fan principle, with some hoping that Matt Smith, John Harm, or Timothy Dalton could be taking part in the character.

In fact, all that has modified now that the Physician was given a brand new set of regenerations in “The Time of the Physician” and much more so with the revelation in “The Timeless Kids” that the Physician doesn’t come from Gallifrey and thus has no restrict on her regenerations. Given the emphasis on a number of Medical doctors since Davies’s return, and a number of other references to Chris Chibnall’s run within the latest specials, it seems like the right time to carry again the Valeyard in a brand new, much more terrifying kind. In fact, we Whovians have been saying stuff like that since Christopher Eccleston regenerated on the finish of the reboot season.

So, Whose Hand Picked Up the Gold Tooth?

Rather than wild hypothesis, let’s check out what we do know. After the 2 Medical doctors compelled the Toymaker right into a field, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) rapidly set to giving UNIT orders on disposing of the field. On the similar time, the pants-less Fifteenth Physician and the shoeless Fourteenth Physician left with Donna to type out the mysteries of Bigeneration. Briefly, we noticed everybody doing one thing when the hand reached out to seize the tooth.

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