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  • Season 1 of One Piece introduces the primary characters and their early adventures as they set sail seeking the legendary One Piece treasure.
  • The collection leaves unanswered questions on a mysterious Marine concentrating on Luffy, Luffy’s mother and father, and the connection between Shanks and Buggy.
  • The treacherous Grand Line and the secretive group Baroque Works add extra intrigue to the story, however the greatest query stays: What’s the One Piece treasure?

Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga has lastly made the bounce to live-action, with resounding success. Netflix’s One Piece has change into a worldwide sensation, topping streaming charts and receiving reward from followers new and outdated. The collection follows Monkey D. Luffy (Iñaki Godoy), a brand new pirate with desires of changing into the subsequent King of the Pirates. So as to take action, Luffy should discover a ship, recruit a crew, and defeat rival pirates and marines as a way to discover the legendary One Piece, the fabled treasure left behind by former Pirate King, Gold Roger. The primary season depicts the early adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, exhibiting how this ragtag group got here collectively and set sail for thrilling exploration within the open seas. Although the collection is already probably the most expansive and costly productions by Netflix, the sprawling world of One Piece accommodates too many mysteries and curiosities to be coated in an eight-episode season. One Piece is actually a journey of epic proportions, so there are many unexplained mysteries and questions that should be answered.

What Occurs in Season 1 of ‘One Piece’?

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Netflix’s One Piece follows Luffy as he first embarks on his quest to seek out the One Piece. This season sees him recruit the primary two members of his crew, the swordsman Roronoa Zoro (Mackenyu) and crafty thief Nami (Emily Rudd). The trio change into tangled in misadventures as they steal a map to the Grand Line, the damaging stretch of ocean the place the One Piece is fabled to lie. The newly fashioned crew faces obstacles from pirates and Marines alike, such because the comedic Buggy the Clown (Jeff Ward), the ferocious Arlong (McKinley Belcher III), and even the Hero of the Marines himself, Vice-Admiral Garp (Vincent Regan). Because the Straw Hats beat their enemies and evade their pursuers, they recruit new members Usopp (Jacob Romero Gibson) and Sanji (Taz Skyler), in addition to purchase themselves a correct pirate ship dubbed the Going Merry.

After a shocking betrayal then redemption of certainly one of their very own, the Straw Hats defeat the Arlong Pirates as Luffy earns the very best bounty within the East Blue. With the map to the Grand Line safely of their possession, the crew embarks for the subsequent stretch of their perilous and thrilling journey. Nevertheless, till they set sail, listed below are a few of the greatest unanswered questions which have but to be revealed on their thrilling journey.

Who’s the Shadow Marine Concentrating on Luffy?

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The primary season of the collection featured loads of nice challenges for the Straw Hats, however maybe none fairly as persistent as Vice-Admiral Garp and the Marines of their relentless pursuit of the younger pirate crew. Nevertheless, as soon as Luffy lastly proved himself to his grandfather and earned the respect of different marines like Koby (Morgan Davies) and Helmeppo (Aidan Scott), they earned a short respite from Marines chasing them down. That break seems like it may be short-lived although, because the pre-credit scene of the ultimate episode teased a brand new Marine character that appears like they’ve set their sights on the brand new greatest bounty within the East Blue. Who is that this mysterious new foe, and what challenges will they convey to the Straw Hats?

Who Are Luffy’s Dad and mom?

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The reveal that Garp is Luffy’s grandfather stunned each audiences and crew members alike. Not solely is Garp a Vice-Admiral, one of many highest-ranking officers in your complete Marines, he’s additionally the one that captured and orchestrated the execution of Gold Roger, the Pirate King. Roger’s declaration about his treasure whereas on the gallows was what set the world right into a Golden Age of Piracy, inspiring a brand new technology of pirates, and motivating even the younger Luffy who earnestly desires to say the title of King of the Pirates. Garp’s prominence in Season 1 was a significant distinction from the manga however gave the Straw Hats a posh problem to beat.

Nevertheless, for all of the speak about household bonds and legacy, there may be nothing talked about about Luffy’s precise mother and father, which leaves loads of questions for the curious viewers. Luffy’s backstory reveals surprisingly little about his parentage. Whereas it is proven that he was partially raised by Garp and mentored by Shank (Peter Gadiot), there isn’t any point out of Luffy’s residing scenario. After a younger Luffy ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, a Satan Fruit that gave his physique the standard of rubber, who helped him to learn to use his new expertise? Who’s the lacking hyperlink between Garp and his grandson? Why was Garp so intent on being the one to coach Luffy to change into a Marine?

What Is the Connection Between Shanks and Buggy?

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Shanks and Buggy had been a pair of pirates that confirmed Luffy the 2 sides of piracy on the planet. Whereas Shanks taught Luffy that being an awesome pirate meant being a superb man, Buggy was a despotic manipulator who imprisoned a whole village as a way to appease his personal need for the highlight. Luffy carries a literal image of Shanks’s legacy along with his Straw Hat, which was given to him as a promise that they might meet as soon as he grew to become an awesome pirate. In his struggle with Buggy, the clown reveals that he knew Purple-Haired Shanks. Buggy revealed that that they had as soon as served on a pirate ship collectively, till Shanks betrayed him. Nevertheless, Luffy stands by his position mannequin and claims he would by no means do one thing like that. However what’s the fact? What pirate crew did Shanks and Buggy serve on? Was Buggy being trustworthy about Shanks’s betrayal, or is there another excuse that the 2 are not buddies?

The connections that Shanks has to the remainder of the pirating world shall be a steady curiosity for viewers, as he seems to have ties to a few of the world’s strongest pirates. When Luffy earns his first wished poster, it is none apart from Dracule Mihawk (Steven Ward) who brings the flyer to Shanks and his crew. His crew attracts their weapons within the face of the Warlord, however Shanks speaks to Mihawk with informal confidence as they allude to a former rivalry. Although Mihawk not desires to problem Shanks after shedding his arm, it begs the query of simply how highly effective Shanks actually is. How sturdy is Shanks actually, as a way to have stood toe-to-toe with the World’s Biggest Swordsman? And, even after their duels, how did the 2 change into buddies amicable sufficient to share drinks in celebration?

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What Makes Getting into the Grand Line So Treacherous?

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This season of the present solely noticed the Straw Hats within the East Blue, simply one of many many oceans on the planet. Nevertheless, regardless of his lack of navigational expertise, Luffy has finally all the time been headed in the direction of the Grand Line. The Grand Line is a mysterious and harmful stretch of ocean that’s allegedly the place the One Piece is hidden. Getting a map to the Grand Line was one of many major plot factors of the season, because the Straw Hats wanted to discover a solution to get to the ocean with out shedding to rival pirates. But, once they get an opportunity to take a look at the map, the trail forward seems as unclear as ever. There’s a massive mountain in the best way of their entrance to the Grand Line, leaving the crew puzzled on the topography of the ocean. As soon as they make it into the Grand Line, there’s nonetheless no telling what lies forward, and what makes the place lethal sufficient to earn the nickname “The Pirates’ Graveyard.”

What Is Baroque Works?

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Along with the Marines and typical pirates that the Straw Hats should face, there may be one other mysterious group that appears to be lurking within the shadows. Baroque Works made its presence recognized early within the collection, as a swordsman named Mr. 7 tried to recruit Zoro into their group. Nevertheless, he shares sparing particulars concerning the legal group, solely emphasizing their far attain and energy. Zoro’s refusal to affix will doubtless result in some repercussions, particularly contemplating his response was despatched within the type of reducing Mr. 7 in half. So what’s Baroque Works, and what’s the goal of this clandestine group?

What Is the One Piece?

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There is not any larger query within the collection than this. What is the One Piece? Gold Roger’s treasure is fabled to be so spectacular that it impressed a whole technology of burgeoning pirates to set sail for the Grand Line with out even understanding what the treasure is. Roger was mentioned to have attained all of the wealth, fame, and energy on the planet, so the potential of what the Pirate King hid away is as limitless as one’s creativeness. Not like different questions from the present, which could be answered by waiting for the manga or anime, it is a query that has been an ongoing thriller for followers internationally since 1997.

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