“I feel we approached [everything] in a really natural technique to relate extra to the First and Second Age feeling that we had been eager to create. It has a type of rawer high quality to it,” she says. 

As we’ve already seen on the Prime Video sequence, the Second Age can also be the interval throughout which the nice Rings are solid, and though solely three of them exist on the present to this point, they’re hardly the one important items of bijou onscreen. And that’s a alternative that’s fairly intentional.

“There are the Rings, that are clearly the primary a part of the world, however there are all these supporting components too—all of Tolkien’s work and references to the characters, it’s obsessive about jewellery,” Hawley explains. “You have a look at the elves and Valinor and the self-importance and all over the place you learn there’s speak of bijou and dialogue about it. He talks about elves being born on shores of pearl and he doesn’t essentially imply that in a literal approach, however he’s at all times speaking about methods to mirror the sunshine and people qualities. There’s jewellery all over the place woven into garments.”

A lot of the elves’ clothes, particularly, in Rings of Energy is supposed to “heark[en] again to the world of Valinor” and assist illustrate simply how completely different these explicit immortal beings are from those we meet in a while in Lothlorien and Rivendell throughout The Lord of the Rings

“We had been looking for these issues that will make it a singular language that they might give you, [and] additionally counsel age and time previous,” Hawley explains. “Gil-galad—these explicit elves, have been there for the reason that First Age, so that you’ve acquired to reference that world, and it was fairly full on once you learn a few of the descriptions of it.”

The elves of Rings of Energy aren’t the one race from the world of Tolkien that appears a bit completely different than trendy audiences may keep in mind from the flicks. Although dwarves play key roles in each The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, we don’t see a lot of the world these characters inhabit, one thing that’s completely not the case on the Amazon sequence.

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